I Got Married To Tara In 2001, Living In A 'One-Room'- Fela Durotoye

The candidate of ANN, Fela Durotoye, shared this on Twitter. He wrote"
I was 30 years old and had started my firm, VIP Consulting from my room; where I had a bed (covering a hole in my rug) and a waste basket and chair. .

@taradurotoye had to go to her parents house everyday to take a bath, because she couldn’t use our community toilet & bathroom..

And that’s where our dreams began. .

We’ve been through so much and have come so far, solely by the Grace of God and a determined work ethic. .

So where ever you might be in your life today. .

Even if your life seems as bleak as this wedding picture of ours in May 2001, know that God hasn’t even gotten started with you.

God bless you.


Food for thought: This goes out to all those girls who diss a guy because he doesn't have a car or lives in a flat. If a queen agreed to marry a king in a one room. Who are you?

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