Having Ninety-One Political Parties In Nigeria Is Pure Madness, Says Rtd ACP

**2019 Election May Not Hold
By Eniola Daniel
A retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Alade Taiwo Opoola has commended the proliferation of political parties in the country, calling the numbers of existing political parties in the country ‘pure madness that must be checked
   He made the comment at the Afrikanwatch Media Post Midyear Lecture, titled, "2019 general election: The Roles Of Security Agencies And Other Stakeholders, under the chairmanship of a retired Assistant Director of DSS, Mr. Dennis Amachree (MON) in Yaba, Lagos, where notable Nigerians were awarded for their various work. 
    Opoola said, “The 91 political parties is a pure madness because cannot stabilise Nigeria, we need only two parties and we must return to that system so, it will be either be left or right. It is the best for us as a country; look at the U.S., they have the Democratic and the Republican party, in U.K you have the Labour and the Conservative party, they know what they are doing and we just have all the political parties in Nigeria because of corruption.
  Former head of States, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) started well but ended up as a failure for the singular act of election annulment. He did the best for Nigeria but at the later end, he destroyed his good works, that is the only that made him to fail.

“On 2019 election, he said, “if it would hold. Let us pray that the election is will be hold. The killings in the North, and the unstable situation in the South South calls for a major concern but if it will hold, we must do things right, we must vote for the right person.
   On his part, Dennis Amachree said, “As we are trying to migrate to the electronic system,  it will be more difficult but there is no time to begin than now.
  Recent elections, especially in Ekiti where we all hear a new term 'See and Buy', and we have already suggested to the INEC that the See and Buy must not happen and the  INEC is working seriously on that but at the same time, how  do we stop it. And as INEC is trying to stop the new trend,  those involved are also thinking of new ways of election manipulation,  may result to telling electorate to capture who they voted for with their phones to be paid and so,  what do we; should we stop someone from going with his phone to polling booths? .
   “It's very sad that after years of independence, we are still unable to get things right . It's important to note that the 2019 elections is very important:  people who sell their votes have sold their destiny because if I pay you to vote for me then I don't owe you anything,  so the first target of anyone that pays for votes is to recover all the money he spent and after recovering,  he would start stealing and disappears with it.
   One of the problem we are facing is we've not been able to strengthen our judiciary system that should be able to penalise anyone that contravene the electoral rules.
  “I want to see a Nigeria where anybody found elected on a wrong ballot and he’s person is taking to court and the court therefore ask him to quit, he must not be allowed to just walk away, he must return every penny he got while on that sit but these are the things facing us in this country. The people must know that politicians are our servants, we are the one hiring them to come and do the job. We own the money they earn so. There should be a reorientation of our psyche where we now see politicians as people working for us than them lording over us.  
  On his part, the organiser and Editor-in-chief of Afrikanwatch, Mark Columbus Orgu, said, “while we try to understand the political scene in Nigeria, the more it becomes complex having understood the abundance of intellectual capacity and national resources given to us by God. Now, where did we go wrong, what have we not done, who is to be blamed, and who is to rescue the fallen nation.
    However, many have longed that by now, Nigeria should have be a mini heaven, considering our natural endowment and population. This has not been because of lack of vision and competence on the part of most leaders, negligence, political power recycling and poor governance.

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