God Didn't Create Nigeria, The British Did, Says Maja-Pearce

A writer and Editor, Adewole Maja-Pearce has questioned the so called untouchable aspect of the country and asked why the Nigerian government is insincere to restructuring

He said, God Didn't Create Nigeria, The British Did. "The British came, carved out a piece of land and named it Nigeria. And that was the genesis of our problem: Chinua Achebe said that you must know where the rain started beating you before you could know where you are going, that's where the rain started beating us.

Nigeria is not a country, it's a fiction by foreigners and here we are talking about sacrosanct, there is nothing sacrosanct about our country. We must ask questions, sit down and discuss if we want to continue to be a nation, no no go area, no question must be considered off limits, we must ask if we want to go our separate ways and if we want to stay together, how do we want to stay together, do we want a regional government like we had before the civil war or a unify structure and how do we want to make best of what we have, because we are worse now than what we were at independence

There are more poor people, more illiterate people now than in 1960, though, we are a rich country, we have the people, land, natural resources but the people are poor. Israel is half desert but they grow oranges in the desert, here we have fertile land and we don't need technology like Israel to know the right soil but we have farmers who grows a lot of things without having storage facilities, we don't have electricity, good transportation system.

To move forward, we must all come together without pointing accusing fingers at anyone because we are all guilty until proven innocent.

  Adewale Maja-Pearce (born 1953) is an Anglo-Nigerian writer, journalist and critic, who is best known for his documentary essays.[1] He is the author of several books, including the memoirs In My Father's Country (1987) and The House My Father Built (2014), several other non-fiction titles and a collection of short stories entitled Loyalties and Other Stories (1986).

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