Oshiomole Is Uglier Than A Baboon- FFK

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has continued his war of words with the APC chairman Adam Oshiomole , he launched a series of attack on the real devil

 He tweeted”
"Nigerians would have swollen pockets if money that was diverted under GEJ was distributed"-Oshiomole. "If I were President I would jail OBJ"- Oshiomole. "PDP are looters"-Oshiomole. "The Fulani herdsmen are not the ones doing the killing"-Oshiomole. MY REPLY...1/2
...There is only one thing more ugly than Oshiomole's insolence and pernicious lies and that is his chimpanzee-like face. He is uglier than a baboon.He looks like the product of a union between an orangutan and a gorilla. Worse still he reasons and behaves like a monkey on heat!

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