Nigeria police must be made accountable, says KOWA presidential aspirant

By Eniola Daniel
A presidential aspirant on the platform of KOWA party, Sina Fagbenro-Byron (SFB) has criticised the Nigeria police of lawlessness and lack of accountability. The  popular Lagos lawyer, politician and music act who pointed accusing finger at the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS, arm of the police force said the agency acts with impunity and there is an urgent need to restructure the security architecture. 

   Fagbenro who made the call at the weekend at the yearly Afang summit, a  together organised by an investment banker and founder of Katunga Media, Joseph  Edgar, said, “the accountability structure in the Nigeria police are very weak, policemen are being issued bullet without asking them how they use them.    
   In most police station, the police record are not kept very well and I think the Nigeria police is over centralised because of that, it is opened to misuse, abuse, corruption and impunity and therefore, it is necessary to decentralise the agency. I believe that restructuring must also happen in the security architecture to be able to bring it closer to the people.
He added, “the police are not unfamiliar with things like community policing, so I do not believe that anyone who is below the rank of a sergeant  should be posted outside his own local government where people know him and where he has a record and where he’s
accountable to the people there and he would better to serve them.
   Giving his support for community police, the Chief Responsibility Officer of Mothergold Ltd and Chairman Victoria Modupe Oke Foundation, said, “Community policing is a derivative of the state police. I’m in support of any policing that bring security closer to the people. I believe the state should have state police but I also believe that there should be a state police law or a state constitution that provides for the accountability of the state police, I do not mean a replication of the current Nigeria state police in 36 places (states).
  On what he would do if elected, he said, “I am a different person, I am going to be more accountable and responsive. There are certain things we won’t tolerate; we won’t tolerate hunger and we won’t tolerate illiteracy and of course our major fight would be against poverty.
He added, “Nigeria problem is multi-dimensional but two major things; inability to manage diversity and inability to manage our population.
We have three of us vying for the presidential slot in KOWA; professor Remi Sonaiya, Ayo Lijadu, our primary is on the second week of September.

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