Nigeria Existing By God's Miracle, Says Mimiko

**Everyone is a commodity who can be purchased with N5000 on the day of election in Nigeria

By Eniola Daniel
Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi; Ondo State former governor,  Dr. Olusegun Mimiko(who wrote the forward of the book), wife of the Authour, Dr. Mrs Elizabeth Mankini Emeka-Obasi and the Chairman of the occasion, Ernest Ebi at the public presentation of Saved For His Praise, a book written by Prince Emeka Obasi in Victoria Island, Lagos.
Photo: Eniola Daniel
Former governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko has said that the continued existence of Nigeria and the unity the nation still enjoys despite perversion and intimidation is as a result of God’s miracle.
   Mimiko expressed his displeasure over the activities witnessed in  the country lately at launch of a book, ‘Save For His Praise: A personal testimony, authored by publisher of Hallmark Newspaper, Prince Emeka Obasi, in Lagos, which was also attended by former governor of Anambra state, Mr. Peter Obi, former min Minister of Youth Development  and Sports and former Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Congress, Bolaji’s Abdullahi, Former Managing Director of The Guardian, Emeka Izeze, Eniola Bello,  Mrs. Adetokunbo Awolowo Dosunmu, Eze Ndigbo of Lagos, Eze HRM Ohazurike, Chairman of the Board,Fidelity Bank Plc who was also the chairman of the Occasion  Ernest Ebi, Bisi Olatilo, Pastor Onoolapo,  Chairman, Editorial Board, the nation, Sam Omatseye and others.
The over 300-page book with 18 chapters tackles the permissive culture of religious hypocrisy and the monster of fake prophecies in most churches today, especially in Nigeria. By revealing in stark details his mind boggling experiences, Obasi calls out this cancer in the body of Christ and alerts the public to its present and imminent danger.
  Mimiko who wrote the forward to the book said, “this book is about the faithfulness of God in the life of Emeka. I know Emeka as a gentle man,
    There is a proliferation prophets against the backdrop of typical Nigerians, what I called an instant gratification. I am a born again Christian, spirit filled C and I believe in miracle but we must understand that there is economic undercurrent in most of our miracles.
    Nigeria itself is a miracle for the fact that we still exist, for the fact that in spite of entrench perversion in the land, we still exist as a nation. in 1994 just in hundred days, more than a million persons lost their lives in Rwanda genocide and I placed that side by side with the level of perversion, self affliction in Nigeria, you will know that Nigeria itself is a miracle.
 By the World Health Organisation (WHO) figure of 2015, Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world which is 85year, that's Japanese on the average, whether you pray or not you will spend 85 years on earth, if you are in Nigeria whether you are a miracle worker or miracle recipient or not, the average life expectancy is at 55.
   We must also be shameful about miracle that is also related to the state of the economics of the nation. We have the greatest miracle that God has ever created which is the human mind and human being but because we live in a society where the extent  in which you can actualise your given potential is also a factor of how that  society is organised, so, why we pray for the type of miracle I talk about, we must also pray for the actualisation of the greatest miracle God has given to man which is the human mind and if we don't organise ourselves very well as society, the miracle will not come, we will continue to be poor.
  The former governor added “you will never know that you are poor until you are sick  and you have to come up with the kind of money that will save your life by then you will know that you are poor.
   We live in Nigeria where there is a lot of poverty.
   Few years ago, late Minister of State for Labour and Productivity James Ocholi, his wife and his children died in an accident that could have been prevented if we are in a society where things really work but a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and his family lost their lives. We also had similar  case during the Nigeria medical association conference in Kaduna, where five specialists lost their lives, for you to be a specialist, you must be trained for seven years, we have no business losing them but they died. The health expenditure per capital in Nigeria in 2015 is $97 dollars, compare that with Norway with $7464 per person, Switzerland  with $9536, you understand the difference between the society that work and a nation that only pray. we have some societies that organized their own miracles, but ours where we pray and pray and pray without work, as long as we remain a society where everybody is a commodity on the day of election who can be purchased with N5000, our miracle will not come. 
   We tend to use God in a manner a drunkard uses a lamp post. We must organise ourselves, we must challenge and question some of our assumption about miracles.
  On his part, the author of the book, Obasi who praised his wife Dr. Mrs Elizabeth Mankini Emeka-Obasi for her support throughout the session, said, “I wrote this book to thank God for the salvation of my soul. This is the most important. The Bible says you should call on him in the days of trouble. The reason I wrote the book was to glorify the name of God because he did not put my family and I to shame.
When I started writing the book, my wife told me not to focus on vindication because it is only God that vindicate. I had my own vice but I have laid them at the feet of Jesus Christ.
The only reason I can be here is that God chose me for Favour. It is not by might. I didn’t just make myself and it is the Favour that is the cause of my wahala.
I wrote this book to thank God and declare publicly that it is was God that saved me because I have never considered to believe in any other God. My Case is a demonstration that the Lord is good all the time.
The Church of God is real and true no matter what fake prophets do. Pastor Adeboye once said that for the fact that there are fake pastors, there are genuine ones too.

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