Man Shares Bride Price List A Friend Got From His Akwa Ibom In-Laws

 A Nigerian man who is about to walk down the aisle has received a shocking long list of things to give as bride price. 
 The list includes, a makeup set for mother of the bride, a live cow, N150,000 for the mother and so on. Nigerian weddings is usually a huge affair not just because it brings two families together but also because it signifies the best and most important day in the lives of couples. 

The same way weddings are a huge affair, for some families bride prices are even more important than the wedding. Giving out your daughter to another family could be very difficult from parents.
This could be the reason why some families give the groom-to-be unusual list of things to give the family as bride price. A bride price is a sum pf money or quantity of goods a groom gives to the bride's family.
The shocking list  was shared on social media by a friend of the groom-to-be. The friend identified by his Twitter handle as Baba Elewa shared photos of the long list. Baba Elewa who revealed that the bride is from Akwa-Ibom state, noted that the list of demands made he laugh.
In the photos, it could be seen that the list is three papers long and groom-to-be is expected to give the family a range of things. He said: "So my sister’s fiancĂ©’s friend is getting married, she’s from Akwa Ibom. Here is a list of demands from her family, I’m still crying for him ."
 Some of the bride price items are Chieftancy wear for the father, clothes for the mother, N200,000 for the father and N150,000 for the mother, both negotiable. 

See list below. 


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