Of What Benefit IS GCFR To Abiola?

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) named University of Lagos after MKO, these same useless hypocrites stood vehemently opposed to it. Now 2019 election is fast approaching & these same clueless, shameless failures are coming with this demonic gimmick to placate the Yorubas & some gullible Yorubas are falling for it. My questions:

* Was Buhari not part of the conspiracy theory that scuttled June 12, which eventually led to the death of MKO?
* Why didn't he announce this new date immediately he was sworn in as President or early in this year so that we could celebrate it next week instead of last month?
* If he so much believed in June 12, why did he not join NADECO to fight for June 12? But rather, he opted to work with Abacha against Abiola & June 12.
* How many times has he visited Abiola family since Abiola died 20 years ago?
* In all his speech since May 29 2015 when he took over as President, has he ever mentioned Abiola or June 12 talk less of recognizing them? Ewo ni Democrat ojiji.
* National Stadium Abuja, University of Abuja, Aso Rock, National Theatre etc, all these monumental edifice are there that can be named after Abiola to immortalized him, but mba nno, it is June 12 that catches their eyes. Of what benefits is June 12 to the dead Abiola & his families if not
for political propaganda?
* Can Abiola Grandly Command Federal Republic in the grave? So the GCFR is for who?
* How much is Buhari making available to compensate Abiola's families?
* I can go on & on. For those of us that fought for June 12 on the streets of Nigeria, this is a scam & a very big insult.

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