Different Grades Of Chopping In Government . 🇳🇬

* When U chop alone in government and no one chop with U, dem dey call that one OBJ.

* When U chop in government, come allow others to chop their own, that is called IBB.

* When U chop in government, come bring democracy and people come forget say U chop, that is called Abdusallam.

* When U chop in government and the place U are choping eventually fold up, that is called Atiku.

* When U dey chop in government, U no remember your driver, secretary, office assistants, that is called Gowon.

* When U dey chop alone in government, no remember anybody, so tay dem come drive U comot,
that one is called Shonekan.

* When dem just appoint U for government position, and U just chop small, auditors kon come say bring all papers, that is called Nwodo.

* When U chop in government and U die while chopping, that is called Abacha.

* When U chop and drink in government so tey U come intoxicate, and others come dey do U wayo, dey chop their own join, that is called Goodluck Jonathan.

* When U over-chop in government and U call your friends to come chop their own, that is called Ibori.

* When U chop and clean mouth like say U no chop anything, that is called Fashola.

* When U chop in government, come dey abuse people wey give U opportunity to chop, that one is called El-Rufai.

* When U chop from government, come spread your boys for government, dem dey chop U dey chop, dem dey chop U dey chop, that one is called Tinubu.

* When U chop in government so teeey U scatter ground, three houses for America, two for London, six for Maitama, seven for V.I, as madam dey go shopping for Dubai, children dey go summer for Spain, EFCC kon gbab U, that one is called Diezani.

* When U chop well well for government and people know say U chop well well but U dey deny say U chop well well, that one is called Rotimi Amaechi.

* When U chop in government so tay U come even dey richer than the place U dey chop from, that one is called Rochas.

* When U chop and chop so tey U come tire, come begin dey distribute the chopping to other people, that one is called  Dasuki.

* When U see  government money and refuse to chop, only your close friends dey chop but refuse to allow make opposition people chop, so tay hunger come dey wire every body, that one is called Buhari.

* When U read this and refuse to share with others, that one is called Laff Alone, which come be like Chop Alone.


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