8 years after rejection, lady agrees to date man but he has moved on

It's Too Late

8 YEARS AFTER REJECTION, LADY AGREES TO DATE MAN BUT HE HAS MOVED ON - A lady experienced the same rejection endured by a man who had earlier tried to date her.

Lady agrees to date man after delaying for 8 years but he has moved on A lady decides to finally accept a man's proposal but it had become too late as he already moved on.Prince Neche Eze Gburugburu, a man who was turned down by a lady for a period of eight years has moved on but the former love interest still wants him.
A post shared on Gburugburu's Facebook profile captured a WhatsApp conversation he had with her.
It was one of surprise and humour for the narrator who could not hold back laughter.
His reaction appeared not to be what the lady had anticipated as she repeatedly asked "Neche, you
actually think this is a joke."
This featured more in her comments as she dealt with the pain of being no longer needed.

Followers think lady is only interested in man's success

Facebook followers who responded to Prince Neche Eze Gburugburu's post think his rise in status may have motivated the sudden interest.
The narrator was however criticized for bringing a private WhatsApp conversation to a public space.
Lady agrees to date man after stalling for 8 years but he has moved on play A Facebook follower had a different thought from a majority of people who criticised a lady for stalling a man's request to date her.
(Facebook/Prince Neche Eze Gburugburu)

A follower, Sharon Chinyeaka Abalihi, explained that a previous bad relationship may have motivated a constant rejection.
She described the former love interest as courageous though not a popular choice of expression for a majority who commented on the post.

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