President Buhari is a disgrace with his comments, this man is slowly taking our pride from us - Gidi Generals

A group of young Nigerians based in Lagos known as 'Gidi Generals' have joined millions of people in condemning President Buhari's speech at the Commonwelath where he described youths of the country as 'lazy people'.

According to Gidi Generals, 'President Buhari is a disgrace with his comments and shame on all current and past members/leaders of PDP your ineptitude, greed and wreckless mismanagement of the country is the reason we've ended up with this man who has failed to deliver on his campaign promises, blames everyone but himself, insults us, ridicules us to the world, assaults us and so on'.

They added that President Buhari is slowing taking away the pride of Nigerian youths with his unguarded utterances, 'this man is slowly taking our pride from us. We are being broken day by day
by this Government and there is no other response than at the Polls next year'.

'We have also been left with the worst opposition party who are left to be only relevant with the social media barbs. The useless party has not gone back to the drawing board they even gave an apology online for their failures... Yo they just admitted to having failed and we've not seen steps being taken by the current leadership to investigate all former office holders and barring them from contesting for any future positions in Government which should be the minimum acceptable sign of gaining the Nigerian Youths trust. The only way is for us to go and take over any of the new Parties and show this bunch of twats we can do much much much better and return the Pride and Glory of this country. Please don't vote for PDP or APC because there is enough time for us to fix this'.

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