Nigerian youth's response to Mr President

This must be a CURSE!!!!
Our Ancestors have gone mad again!!!*

Sir it is wrong and unethical for a man without WASSCE who fed on our support, to tell the sweat soaked hardworking youths that we are uneducated and lazy.

Despite that We are automatically disadvantaged and negatively labeled everywhere we go... we still do our best even in harsh weather conditions and he just added salt on injury

The world expect the worst from us either in result or in character. Even if you are have a dual citizenship once they know your roots are from the green land you are
marked for attention, they expect the worse.

Yet We work hard, we study hard, we break fallow grounds and cultivate new ones.. we make unimaginable successes as heavens permit.. all to be noticed and to atleast be respected and to prove that we are all not bad.

Despite all this

For the record sake:
1. We are not lazy
2. Only the few children of the cabal have access to oil money/ except the militant who take it by force (it’s theirs anyway)
3. We are the most educated African nation on earth .. there is no major school or top school in any nation on earth without a Nigerian student and or researcher
4. Who cursed us ?
5. In 2018, our leader does not know anything about the Nation
6. The same way that majority of the national statistics are lies.. is the same way the leader thinks..

We are here having sleepless night just to make up to achieve tripple what other nationalities achieve before we are recognized as a Nigerian and our President went to the world to say ugly and unpresidential things about us

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