Don't Be Caught In Their Web Of Lies Again, Osekita Warn Nigerians As Aisha Buhari Goes About Like A Humble Fellow

No time is too early for politicians to campaign must especially the families of  public office holders, displaying a 'act' of sympathy and showing up at public places to pretend they have the love of the people at heart.
The wife of Nigerian President Aisha Buhari was seen in a tricycle for the first time in a long while to show she belongs to nobody and she belongs to everybody to dissuade the public from doing the right thing by voting out her husband in 2019 and divert the attention of the people from her husband ineffectual-ity  and hardship he brought to the people since he came on board in 2015.
Pro Folayan Osekita @Osekita has warned that danger lies ahead if Nigerians falls for her tricks
and confuse her antics for humility  "Yes, election is approaching: Aisha Buhari arriving at a public function in a Keke NAPEP 😁👇If u get caught in their web of lies again & their fake poverty of an old general & head of state squeaky clean ur done for once again I tell u in advance APC is pure evil & Co

2015 campaign, she fried dudu & dodo. After election, she rocked $2,600 Ferragamo cape & carried $89,000+ Hermes Birkin bag. 2019 election is loading, she is riding in Keke napep. When a politician’s Wife uses the word ‘l am one of u’, we should brace ourselves for the deceit.

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