When (if) Biafra Comes, Will New Set Of Igbo Leaders Be Imported? Nigerian Igbo lady ask

A Nigerian lady, Elizabeth George has called on the Igbos to consider attitudinal change if they want the South east region to move forward, as the same problem facing the region will continue because of the peoples/ leaders from the region's attitude even if Biafra become a reality.
The young lady has joined the league of intelligent individual from the region who knows what the problem of an average Igbo man/leader is "Greed and Self-centeredness
She wrote ""When (if)  Biafra comes, will new set of Igbo leaders be imported? Are we not going to have the same selfish leaders we've always had?
All our Igbos leaders who are bent on doing almost everything wrong now that we're in Nigeria will suddenly become born again when we get to Biafra?
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"Graduate with the best results, get the best skills and run to the North or Lagos to get a job."
This is what the South-eastern region appears to be telling its best brains.
The South-east has no jobs for its people.
The region seems to have no interest in creating a place for its youth.

 ""Lagos has provided jobs and opportunities for so many Igbos.
The North has done the same.

When Biafra enthusiasts ask those of us in these places to come back home, they fail to understand that a region that creates a place for us is home to us.

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